Glassear is the first low-cost device of Mixed Reality experiences in first person and real-time.

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Hand Tracking

Make use of your hands to interact with holograms!

Thanks to Manomotion

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Voice Interaction

Voice is humans more natural tool to interact. Why not giving it a go in mixed reality thanks to voice commands!


Plane Tracking

Holograms interact with your reality and collide with the objects and situations of each user in real time!


Spatial Sound

Feel where the holograms are thanks to the spatial sound!

* Glassear does not use or owns any Dolby Atmos technology.

  • Use Cases

    Why MR is the future.

    No matter what, Mixed Reality and Glassear has you covered. Here are some examples in the list of a lot available

    • Glassear and Industry

      In case you are, for example, in a situation where it is impossible for you to move, the option of giving commands and using hand gestures will allow you to have the information you need always in front of you.

    • Glassear and Education

      Glassear allows lessons to be as much creative as possible, making students learn better in a digital way. Museums can have their own holographic explanations, that are more creative than Audio Guides.

    • Glassear and Medicine

      You can have all your data in front of you, witouth having screens that do pollute. Adding other examples proved, curing people's trauma's.

    • Glassear and Creators

      Glassear opens the door to infinite imagination for the creators and users to create and interact. This thanks to the connection between the real and digital world that is provided.

  • Glassear speech at Maker Faire Galicia 2018
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Comparing technologies.

  • Glassear


    Democratizing Mixed Reality.

    • Hand Interaction
    • Voice Interaction
    • Gaze Interaction
    • Plane Tracking
    • A bit bigger form factor.
    • Mobile based. Glassear SDK
  • Hololens or Magic Leap


    Making it available to few people

    • Hand Interaction
    • Voice Interaction
    • Gaze Interaction
    • Plane Tracking
    • Microsoft Logo and Platform.
    • Magic Leap Logo and Platform.

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